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Date:2014年11月26日 17:45

Recently, the opening of the 84th session of the China electronics show was held at Shanghai new international exhibition center. Spaceflight appliances with high speed/optical transmission system, communication power supply solutions, rf connector between fast lock, plate, cluster, stationary phase cable twist needle, brush, wool buttons, such as contact element, solid state relay companies such as a variety of products and technology took part in the exhibition. With the augmentation of the technical strength, the company get more and more attention from international manufacturers. During the exhibition, the Russian Center of modernization and intergration AERO Ltd, United States Huntleigh, companies such as samsung, Italy CPE to the booth has carried on the detailed communication, expressed interest in the company's products and technology, hoping to further in-depth exchanges, cooperation and win-win. In order to improve effect of exhibition, the company the most of the products

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