Aerospace electric company actively carry out "safety secrecy publicity week" activities-博彩投注平台新葡京娱乐城-澳门新葡京娱乐9455.com

Date:2014年9月2日 22:27

According to the division of labor group characterized by Ann [2014] 435 date file request, aerospace electronics companies secrecy committee issued in 2014 by the aerospace electronics "security publicity week" activity implementation plan ", on August 15 to 25 in group within the organization to carry out the "security publicity week" activity. Activities to "strengthen the safety education of legal system, build a secret steel line" as the theme, set up the company in 2014 "safety secrecy publicity week" activity leading group and office. Departments and divisions by using local area network (LAN), a variety of forms such as newspaper, actively carry out security legal system education, security knowledge contest, speech, writing papers, director of the secrecy committee told a secret project party class activities, organizational learning, watching the secret wars "and so on security, the general staff actively contribute ?

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