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Aerospace electrical party committee held the party's mass line education practice democratic life-澳门新葡京 爱拼彩票-澳门新葡京娱乐4138.com

Date:2014年3月10日 22:36

On March 1, aerospace electronics at the party's mass line special education practice democratic life, 061 base contact, deputy director of the leadership Liu Ren 6 teams to attend the meeting. The company party group members, a total of nine people attended the meeting. The democratic life in order to implement the people pragmatic integrity requirements, focusing on the problem of "four winds", deeply analyze the root cause, corrective measures are proposed to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party committee organized group. Closely around to keep the party's advanced nature and purity, according to "look in the mirror, is clothes, and bathe, therapy" the general requirements, adhere to the serious, seeking truth from facts, democracy, solidarity, by conducting in-depth criticism and self-criticism, and earnestly solve the team team members in the formalism and bureaucratism, hedonism, luxury ?

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