Spaceflight appliances a new connector production line technological transformation project acceptance through the environment-王者新葡京的网址-澳门新葡京娱乐1545.com

Date:2014年2月14日 17:49

Recently, by the guizhou province environmental protection organization, economic and technological development zone, guiyang city environmental protection bureau river ecological promotion board, guizhou environmental monitoring center, 061 base on the panel, the space electric multi-functional combination of high reliable new connector production line technical renovation programs of the environmental protection acceptance. Expert group through the examination site, listen to the report, data access, think environmental measures in accordance with the requirements of the project environmental impact report, agreed to by the project acceptance of environmental protection.

Six electroplating automatic production line, the project has carried out the 74 units (sets) of equipment technical reform, equipped with corresponding plating auxiliary production facilities, has realized the seven big series automatic electroplating production of new type electric connector ? in electroplating

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