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Date:2014年2月14日 17:49
Recently, the space electric company "high reliable microminiature sealed relay, MEMS sensor production line construction" project was awarded the "outstanding technical transformation project" 2013 guiyang special award.
The project in July 2010 in guizhou province development and reform commission for the record and report the "national electronic information industry revitalization and technical transformation project", the same year won the guizhou province development and reform commission (NDRC) project funding. In 2011, the project due to comply with relevant national industrial policy was "guizhou province of industry and information technology development special funds plan", will regain special funds to support.
After four years' construction, the project has passed the environmental protection, fire control, security, and so on individual acceptance and professional auditors of financial audit, and in July 2013 and October respectively by guizhou province development and reform commission (N

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